Customer Alert – Best Practices for Protecting your WebEx Meeting Information 


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Cisco WebEx is a powerful online tool, allowing people to connect and collaborate across different industries, time zones, and technologies. Choosing the most appropriate administrator and meeting configuration options for your organization is an important task, and one that ensures your information is seen only by those intended.

In the first week of October, we were contacted by a leading security researcher. He showed us that some WebEx customer sites were publicly displaying meeting information online, including meeting Time, Topic, Host, and Duration. Some sites also included a “join meeting” link.

Many Cisco WebEx customers use these meeting lists in the way they were intended. For example, to provide a consolidated access point for employee meetings or a public-facing list of webinars for customers. However we encourage you to take a moment and confirm that any information displayed on your meeting site is meant for public consumption.

You can do this by by opening your internet browser, entering your company name followed by “” (eg., and selecting “Meeting Center” on the resulting page.

If you wish to review or update to your site’s configuration, we offer the following best practice guides:

Our aim to make sure you have the information needed to make the best decisions for your organization. If you have questions or would like to speak with a Cisco WebEx representative, please contact us through your Customer Success Management representative..

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Six Easy Ways To Protect Your WebEx Meeting Information

  1. Make your meeting unlisted – Unless there is a business reason to list your meeting, make it “unlisted”.
  2. Require a complex password– This setting does not affect the meeting experience for authorized attendees. They can still join the meeting by clicking on the URL in the meeting invitation.
  3. Choose meeting information carefully – Listed meetings tend not to be confidential, but remember that meeting Time, Topic, Host, and Duration will be available online.
  4. Disable “join before host” for listed meetings – This ensures the Host has control over who joins the meeting.
  5. Set “Host as Presenter” for listed meetings – This provides the Host with maximum control over who shares content.
  6. Learn about other best practices – Cisco WebEx offers Hosts many features before, during, and after a meeting. Learn more in our Best Practices for WebEx Users Guide:

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