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Business Solutions: Customer Case Studies

Verizon Business Conferencing can help provide solutions to your business needs in a number of areas:

Daily collaboration and productivity solutions
The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) uses audio and web conferencing services from Verizon Business to quickly and easily share information and provide updates to athletes and coaches throughout the country and internationally while at the same time reducing costs and increasing productivity.
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Training solutions
Verizon audio and web conferencing allows Siemens Medical to train its staff to keep them current on the latest software developments and communicate upgrades and technology changes to its clients while limiting the downtime and cost associated with business travel.
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High profile conferencing event solutions
Ryder System relies on Verizon Premier audio conferencing service to present their quarterly investor relations calls professionally and flawlessly.
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Green solutions
EDS Australia is relying on Verizon IP video and audio services to help it achieve its 'Greening of EDS' initiative --- a 25% reduction in the company's CO2 emissions by 2010.
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