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New Enhancement to Video e-Scheduling

A new enhancement has been added to e-Scheduling, which will improve the time it takes for you to complete a reservation for a multi-site video conference call.

In the past, you only had the ability to select and add one site at a time to your video conference reservation. For example, if you wanted to reserve a conference with 10 sites, you had to select a site, then click on ADD SITE, select the next site, then click on ADD SITE, etc., until all 10 sites were added to the call.

You can now avoid this time consuming process by simply selecting multiple sites on the screen by using the shift key or the ctrl key, highlighting all the sites necessary for the conference, and clicking on ADD SITE.

Effective date: Available now.

More details: Contact your Verizon Conferencing Sales Representative or call 1-800-475-5000.