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Verizon Business IP Video Conferencing Service

Verizon Conferencing supports an IP-enabled video conferencing capability that helps organizations to leverage their IP investments for more cost-effective enterprise-wide video conferencing. Customers can access all the features and functions of Verizon Conferencing's video bridging service through either the Verizon Conferencing Private IP network, the public Internet, a traditional ISDN network, or any combination.

Verizon Conferencing's IP-enabled bridges allow non-IP and IP-originated calls to join the same video conference. Customers with native IP connections will not be charged for IP video transport, allowing them to fully leverage their IP network investment.

"A growing number of our customers are investing in IP network and endpoint technology," said Bill Versen, Director of Verizon Conferencing. "Verizon Business IP video conferencing service gives these enterprises a way to transition to this technology via their IP-enabled video conferencing systems."

Versen expects IP and ISDN-based video conferencing to co-exist for the foreseeable future. "Verizon Business customers can hold their video meetings via IP, ISDN, or a hybrid of both," he said. "What's most important is the ability to hold a high-quality, productive meeting. The technology itself is secondary."

Verizon Conferencing provides comprehensive engineering and consulting services to ensure connectivity and quality of service. We consult with your enterprise engineers as necessary and make recommendations in such areas as bandwidth utilization, codec selection, jitter control, packet loss, network topology, and much more.

Verizon Conferencing's IP video conferencing service features:
  • Verizon Conferencing engineering and consulting services to ensure QoS for the enterprise network
  • Access "pipe" need not be provided by Verizon Conferencing
  • ISDN-to-IP gateway service to support both ISDN (H.320) and IP-based video conferencing endpoints
  • Interconnectivity through Verizon Conferencing Private IP (PIP) networks to leverage QOS through Gold and Silver High CARs