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FAQs and Tips

The Basics

Browser Types and Settings


Tips for successful scheduling.

  • We recommend making reservations 48 hours in advance to ensure the time you request is available and give you time to inform your participants of the conference information.
  • When scheduling your call online, you will need to provide the date, time, duration and number of participants who will dial into your conference. In addition, you will need to verify your billing information.
  • When participating in your conference call, please be prompt. Your conference number and passcode will be activated for the reserved call time. Due to the high demand for conferences, calls with no participants will be deactivated shortly after the scheduled start time.
  • All conferences with premier level features must be scheduled at a minimum of two business days in advance so a Verizon Conferencing meeting manager can contact you to confirm specific details about those features.

When should I use e-Scheduling?

You can use e-Scheduling instead of calling into the Conferencing reservation center. With e-Scheduling you can:

  • Review your scheduled Conference calls
  • Schedule, modify and cancel your one-time or recurring operator unattended and attended, audio conference calls in real time.
  • Schedule, modify and cancel your one-time or recurring video conference calls in real time.
  • Schedule, modify and cancel your one-time or recurring Net conference calls in real-time.

What about security?

Verizon Conferencing ensures that your personal information is secured at all times. When you register to become a user of e-Scheduling, you will receive a unique username and password that is required each time you logon to reserve a conference online. All data sent between the client and the server is encrypted.

Are there any features I cannot schedule using e-Scheduling?

Limitations for scheduling Audio Conferences

The call features listed below are features that you currently cannot schedule through e-Scheduling. To schedule one of the features listed below, please call into the Conferencing Reservations Center:

Verizon Conferencing Customer Relations in:
United States 1-800-475-5000, option 5
Australia 1 800-505-500
EMEA +44-20-7950-9950
Hong Kong +852-2802-5100
Japan +81-3-5539-5100
  •  Master List
  •  Participant Screening
  •  Pre-Notification
  •  Secured Call
  •  Tape Playback
  •  Translation Services

Also, you will need to call the Conferencing Reservations Center for audio conferences that longer than 8 hours.

What is the cancellation policy for Audio, Video, and Net conferences?

If you determine you will not need to conduct your conference call, please cancel your call using e-Scheduling. If you have a day or week where you will not be using your scheduled recurring call, please cancel these individual calls. Canceling individual calls will not change your next recurring scheduled call.

To avoid service fees, please use the following cancellation guide for Audio, Video and Net conference calls.

Audio Conferencing:  30 minutes prior to conference start time.
Video Conferencing:  8 hours prior to conference start time.
Net Conferencing:  12 hours prior to conference start time.

Is e-Scheduling available to customers outside of the U.S.?

Yes, customers in the EMEA and Asia Pac, with the exception of Australia, regions can schedule operator unattended audio features, Video Conferences and standard Net Conferencing features via the Quick and Complete Scheduling applications.

Required browser types and versions.

See for a list of the supported platforms and web browsers.

How to determine your browser version.

Select "Help" from your browser menu bar and then select "About Internet Explorer" or "About Netscape Navigator". Your browser version will display.

Recommended screen settings.

For optimal viewing of e-Scheduling, the following screen settings are recommended:

  • Desktop area: 800x600 or higher
  • Font size: small fonts

How do I change my screen settings?

  1. Minimize all of your open programs.
  2. Click on your PC desktop area with your right mouse button.
  3. Click on "Properties"
  4. Click on the "Settings" tab.
  5. Use the sliding bar on your "desktop settings" to select 800x600 or higher".
  6. Use the "Font size" drop down menu to select "small fonts".

Where do I go if I still have questions or need more detailed instructions?

If you need assistance, you may access help by:

  • Clicking on the Help button if you have already logged on to e-Scheduling.

  • Calling the e-Scheduling help desk at 1-800-857-8777 (U.S. Only) or 1-210-795-0369

How do I update my e-Scheduling profile information (i.e., contact and billing information)?

Just go to "Update Profile" under the "Manage My Meetings" options.