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Cisco WebEx Security Advisory - Change to links for all Centers

Cisco has recently notified Conferencing Support of an immediate change in the way they will provide links to join a meeting, program or recording replay.

Effective January 29th 2014, Cisco will be implementing feature and security updates to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center, Support Center, and WebEx recording URLs. These updates include modifying the way Cisco manages cryptographic keys used to generate URLs that link to WebEx recordings, iCalendar (.ics) files, unlisted program URLs in Event Center, WebACD support queue links in Support Center and links that are used to reset passwords. As a result, existing links that were generated by those services have been updated, and in some cases, users may need to request new links.

These updates are the result of Cisco's continuing efforts to improve security, and are aimed at reducing risk for our customers. They represent part of our ongoing commitment to provide the latest features and security updates.

What to Expect:

The update to your WebEx site(s) will occur on January 29th 2014. However; the service impacts will go into effect 30 days from the date the update is applied to your sites. This period of 30 days is called the "Compatibility Period" and is intended to limit the potential impacts to users adjusting to the new security settings included in this release. You will receive a reminder notice approximately 2 weeks before the end of the Compatibility Period and before the updates permanently go into effect.

Cisco is making changes to improve the management of the cryptographic keys to generate URLs used in WebEx Meeting Center, Training Center, Support Center, and Event Center services. This update will invalidate the URLs for previous WebEx recordings and create a new URL for each recording. Other URLs will also be invalidated as a result of this change. Impacts are listed below.

There will be a one-time-only impact to the following WebEx Centers and corresponding features:

    Meeting Center
    • WebEx recording URLs
    • Links in reset password email messages
    • Links to iCalendar (.ics) files
    Event Center
    • WebEx recording URLs
    • Links in reset password email messages
    • Event Center unlisted program links
    Training Center
    • WebEx recording URLs
    • Links in reset password email messages
    • Links to iCalendar (.ics) files
    Support Center
    • WebEx recording URLs
    • WebACD live support URLs
    • WebACD agent's personal queue URLs
Time Sensitive - Action Required:

Cisco strongly recommends that site administrators distribute this document to hosts as soon as possible. It is recommended that the recording owner (host) update existing recording URLs to the new URLs within the 30-day Compatibility Period. After 30 days, old URLs will become invalid and users clicking on these links will be redirected to a page that provides a form for the user to request the updated URL. Following this recommendation is especially important for recording owners (hosts) with a high volume of popular recorded files and recordings posted or embedded in websites and documents.

For additional information to successfully implement the required changes, please review and distribute this notification along with the following link to the FAQ:

To Contact Support

Customer questions are being directed to Conferencing Support at Also, you may submit your inquiry via the following 'Contact Us' link: