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New Verizon Reserved Net Conference with Cisco WebEx Event Center

Through our collaboration with Cisco, Verizon Conferencing Support will be adding a new platform to our Reserve Net offer in September 2013. Verizon Reserved Net with Cisco WebEx® Event Center brings together the expertise of our Conferencing Specialists with the advanced features of Cisco WebEx Event Center to deliver highly effective real-time online events.

As a Net Conferencing customer, you will now be able to select WebEx Event Center for your Reserved Net conferences.

Verizon Reserved Net Conference with Cisco WebEx Event Center features
  • Attended web conference on WebEx Event Center platform
  • Up to 3,000 participants supported on the call
  • Accompanied by a Premier or Standard Audio Conference
  • Schedule via the Conferencing Scheduling Assistant or by calling Reservations
  • Full Operator support and detailed reporting post call
  • Share your presentation by uploading the content into the Event Center web conference
  • Offered on a per minute per participant basis (applies to audio and net sessions separately)
  • Reserved Net Operator Hosting
NOTE: All development items noted above may be modified or removed from the launch without notice

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