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Cisco WebEx Advisory: Mozilla and Google browser support for WebEx Plug-Ins

Conferencing Support was recently contacted by Cisco WebEx with this important message for our WebEx customers.

Mozilla and Google recently announced that their browsers will automatically block the Netscape Plug-in Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) beginning on December 10, 2013, for Mozilla Firefox, and January 2014, for Google Chrome. These policy changes apply to all operating systems supported by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

How This Affects You

Users will need to manually enable plug-ins within these browsers to successfully join WebEx meetings once these changes have taken place. The WebEx meeting will not successfully launch (users will stay on the "Join Meeting" page) until the plug-in has been enabled.

To assist customers with these browser policy changes, Cisco WebEx will be making enhancements to the join meeting flow, to provide instructions on how to enable the plug-in.

Cisco WebEx encourages you to forward this notification to your end users ahead of the estimated dates below to ensure a smooth meeting experience.

When Will This Change Occur?

  • Mozilla Firefox version 26 - December 10, 2013* (Estimated)
  • Google Chrome version 32 - January 2014* (Estimated)

*Browser releases are controlled by Mozilla and Google; Dates are subject to change.

Enabling the Plug-in (after browser update):

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome will automatically upgrade to the NEW browser versions when they are made available by Mozilla and Google. Once the user's browser has been updated:

  • Users must enable the WebEx plug-in separately for each affected browser.
  • Users must enable the WebEx plug-in separately for each WebEx web site.

For detailed instructions for enabling the WebEx plug-in on the affected browsers, please view the Joining a WebEx Meeting on Chrome and Firefox FAQ:

User Impact:

Google has also announced that support for plug-ins will be completely removed from Chrome by the end of 2014.


For more information about this advisory, please feel free to contact the Net Tech Help Desk at