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Audio Conferencing Zone / Region Banding

Zones A thru G are available across all service levels and include Dial Out from WebModerator on Instant Meeting and Operator Dial Out on Standard and Premier Service Levels

Zone A   Zone B   Zone C  
FreePhone Local Toll FreePhone Local Toll FreePhone Local Toll
Austria Austria Canada ** Canada ** Australia (inc Tasmania) Australia (inc Tasmania)
Belgium Belgium USA USA Hong Kong Hong Kong
Denmark Denmark     New Zealand New Zealand
France France     Japan - Osaka/Tokyo Japan - Osaka/Tokyo
Germany Germany     South Korea South Korea
Ireland Ireland       Romania
Italy Italy Zone D   Zone E  
Luxembourg Luxembourg FreePhone Local Toll FreePhone Local Toll
Netherlands Netherlands Malaysia   Czech Republic Czech Republic
Spain Spain Singapore Singapore Finland Finland
Sweden Sweden Taiwan Taiwan Greece Greece
Switzerland Switzerland Turkey   Estonia  
United Kingdom United Kingdom     Norway Norway
Zone F   Zone G      
FreePhone Local Toll FreePhone Local Toll    
Argentina   Chile      
Brazil Brazil China China    
Costa Rica *   Colombia      
Hungary Hungary Latvia      
Israel   India India    
Mexico Mexico Indonesia      
Panama   Peru      
Poland     Philippines    
Portugal   Saudi Arabia*      
Russia   Thailand      
South Africa   UAE      
Uruguay   Venezuela      

*  Available on some bridges.
** Canadian participants may use the US dial in FreePhone and Local Toll numbers where available.

Verizon Business reserves the right to modify the lists of countries containedwithin the Zones at any time.
Please contact your Account Manager for further details or information regarding additional access countries

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