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Are Your Meetings Productive?

Only 22% of participants rate their meetings as extremely productive*. To make the most of your next meeting:

  • Establish goals
  • Control interruptions
  • Manage time well
Meeting Tips

Before the Meeting

When planning your meeting, consider the following:

  • Purpose
  • Goal
  • Best medium: in-person, video, audio or Net Conferencing
  • Some participants might be unable to attend. Set-up an Instant Replay Plus number so they can listen at their convenience

Distribute the following:

  • Agenda and goals
  • Participant list
  • Date, time and location
  • For audioconferences, the phone number and passcode
During the Meeting

The first few minutes are the most important, so remember the following: Conduct a roll call. With Verizon Business Conferencing, the conference coordinator can do it for you.

Be more effective in what you say by:

  • Varying the tone of your voice
  • Speaking clearly and avoiding background noise

If you are acting as the leader:

  • Stick to the agenda
  • Control interruptions
  • Anticipate problems and be prepared with solutions
  • Stay enthusiastic

For assistance during your audioconference, press *0

After the Meeting

Maximize productivity by:

  • Distributing minutes, the Instant Replay Plus recording number, and other pertinent material

*Meetings in America: A 1998 study of trends, costs, and attitudes toward business travel, teleconferencing, and their impact on productivity conducted by NFO InfoCom, a division of NFO Worldwide, Inc. among 1,336 meeting-goers.