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Audio Conferencing and Online Tools Tutorials

Please select the module that you wish to view below. Each module is approximately five min in length and requires either Windows Media Player or Real Player. Once you complete the short form, you will be entered directly into the module. When completed with each module, simply close the browser.

Meeting Management

Manage My Meetings: Registering for Access and Portal Overview

Instant Meeting & Web Moderator

Getting Started and Managing your Meetings with Web Moderator

Administrative Tool

Tutorials and Resources

Scheduling Conferences Online

Scheduling Audio/Net Conferences Scheduling Video Conferences

PIN Entry Plus

Leader Level Guest PIN Codes Super Administrators


Getting Started Scheduling E-mails Managing Questions

Premier Events

Premier Events Overview Meeting View Overview

Conferencing Integration Tools

Instant Scheduler for Microsoft Outlook Instant Scheduler for IBM Lotus Notes Conferencing Integration for Microsoft Office Communicator Conferencing Integration for IBM Lotus Sametime Verizon Collaboration Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

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