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Audio Tips and Checklists

Meeting Tips / Meeting Checklists

Our goal is to help you plan and conduct your calls so you can concentrate on effectively communicating your message. To make sure your meeting runs smoothly, please consider these tips:

  • Conduct a roll call.
  • Remind participants to identify themselves by name and location when speaking.
  • Address individuals by name when speaking.
  • Encourage participation and stimulate discussion.
  • Press *0 at any time for conference coordinator assistance.
  • If you disconnect, simply re-dial the conference phone number and enter the passcode. If the conference coordinator dialed out to you and placed you into the call, he or she will reconnect you.

To ensure the sound quality of your call is clear:

  • Speak clearly and avoid side conversations and background noise.
  • Try to avoid using a speakerphone. However, if it is necessary, be sure to use the mute button or feature when not speaking.
  • If your meeting has many participants but few speakers, increase the sound quality of your call by asking your reservationist to place participants in "listen-only" mode until it is time for them to speak.

Meeting Checklists
With Verizon Conferencing, it's easy to plan and conduct your electronic meetings. Just follow these simple steps:

Scheduling Your Meeting
_____ Gather all important information, such as the approximate number of call participants and the moderator's name and phone number, prior to making your reservation.
_____Call 1-800-475-5000 or use the Conference Scheduling Assistant, our online scheduling tool.
_____Your reservationist will ask about your specific needs to determine if any call features are beneficial. Some of the advanced features we offer include conducting question-and-answer sessions, distributing materials before the call, and providing transcripts and recordings.
_____ Your call confirmation will be faxed to you. Please verify that all information is correct and let us know if you have any additional requirements.
_____ Distribute pre-call materials to all call participants.
_____Plan to record your conference call for those who cannot attend.

Conducting Your Meeting
_____Develop an agenda and ask your conference coordinator to distribute it by fax prior to the meeting. Be sure to include the date, time, phone number, and passcode (if appropriate) for the call. Remind participants to be ready approximately 10 minutes in advance of your meeting if you choose Dial-Out access.
_____ Create a list of speakers who will take part in the call.

After Your Meeting
_____ Ask your conference coordinator to distribute minutes or a transcription to all participants.
_____ Circulate decisions and action items to the appropriate people.
_____ Schedule next-step calls to follow-up on feedback.
_____Provide a source for participants to request additional information after your meeting via e-mail, fax, or phone.