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Verizon Business Introduces IP Audio Conferencing Service

Verizon Business has introduced a new access method - IP Meet Me - that allows an enterprise to leverage its Private IP network investment for transport to Verizon Business' Internet Protocol (IP) enabled audio conferencing bridges. Using Private IP as the transport method, IP Audio Conferencing allows customers to access their Instant Meetings from any provisioned location using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Verizon Business can support both IP and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)-originated calls on the same IP-enabled bridges, allowing any Instant Meeting participant to join the audio conference, regardess of access method. This "hybrid" call support provides enterprise users flexibility and the assurance that their meeting participants can join a conference call whether using an IP endpoint or PSTN endpoint from around the globe.

Verizon Business provides engineering and consulting services to ensure quality IP Audio Conferencing. Verizon Business will consult with an enterprise regarding their network topology, bandwidth utilization, SIP proxy configuration, firewall configuration, codec selection, and VoIP quality for audio conference calls. Verizon Business will also discuss issues and considerations such as level balancing, duplex settings, transmission loss, packet loss, echo, delay, and packet misorder.

Verizon IP Audio Conferencing provides feature parity to our traditional Instant Meeting Audio Conferencing services. IP access also offers leaders and participants access to the same tools and portals available with our traditional Audio Conferencing service.

Verizon VoIP customers can also realize additional cost-savings by leveraging these services to access Instant Meetings. Verizon has worked to integrate the VoIP and Conferencing networks, allowing these customers on-net access to the IP-enabled conferencing bridges.

IP Audio Conferencing can help your business:
  • Control conference call costs by leveraging your existing Verizon MPLS infrastructure and Verizon VoIP services
  • Reduce business travel and associated expenses
  • Bring dispersed groups of people together quickly without time or location restrictions
  • Broaden participation in meetings
  • Tailor meetings by utilizing value-added features