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Record & Replay your Instant Meeting calls through Instant Meeting Web Moderator

A recording option is now available for Instant Meeting users. This new feature, only available via the Instant Meeting Web Moderator, will allow the conference leader to start, stop, and restart audio recordings without conference coordinator intervention. The subsequent Instant Replay will allow participants who are unable to attend the live conference to listen to the recording at their convenience. Additionally, conference leaders will be able to order audio cassette and CD copies online, as well as download the recording to their computer.

The Recording option is only available in the enhanced version of Instant Meeting Web Moderator. Access the enhanced version through or Recording will not be available in the Classic Web Moderator or when the Web Moderator is launched from within a Microsoft® Office Live Meeting Net Conference.

Effective date: Immediately and available Globally.

More information: Contact your Verizon Conferencing Sales Representative or call 1-800-475-5000.