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Instant Meeting Now Available in Multiple Languages

Verizon Conferencing has expanded your Instant Meeting service. Now customers in EMEA and Asia-Pacific can select from a choice of five languages - English, German, French, Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin) - for bridge enunciators and subscription-confirmation e-mails

Each region will have a choice of three languages:

  • English
  • Japanese/English
  • Mandarin/English
  • EMEA
  • English
  • French/English
  • German/English

  • How will this change affect me?

    You will hear a change in the initial enunciator messages that are played as you dial into your Instant Meeting Service. For both EMEA and Asia Pacific subscriptions, the initial messages will be played in all three languages offered in your region.

    Once a valid passcode is entered, meeting participants will hear the enunciators in the language of your choice.

    How do I change my language selection?

    To select the language of your Instant Meeting subscription, simply visit our web site and log onto "Manage My Meetings." Make your language choice via the drop-down menu on the "Instant Meeting" tab.

    You can also change your subscription details by calling us.

    To learn more about the features of your Instant Meeting service, download the user guide.