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The Product Help Desk (PhD)

The Product Help Desk (The PhD) is here to assist you with Verizon Conferencing Web sites, products and e-tools, giving you the knowledge, understanding and comfort level to use our services. The PhD group will be available to answer your questions about Conferencing products, assist with on-line registration, and handle basic trouble shooting. The PhD reps are also available to schedule one-on-one time with you to review specific products or features (i.e.; Web RSVP, IM Web Moderator).

How to contact the PhD:
Call us at 800-857-8777 and select the appropriate product from the phone prompts.

What we support:

Conferencing Websites / Applications

  • E-Meetings
  • Login and Passcode
  • Manage My Meetings
  • E-Scheduling
  • Audio Streaming
  • Audio Web Replay
  • Net Conferencing
  • Web RSVP
Leader Tools
  • Reports and Plug-ins
  • Instant Meeting Web Moderator
  • Meeting View
  • OLIP